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CDAT 4.0 Released

November 7, 2005 - CDAT 4.0 released - New features including: support for generalized grids, VCS template editor, major overhaul of VCDAT GUI, and more...

Download CDAT 4.0 from theSourceforge Download page.

---------------------------- MAJOR CHANGES IN CDAT 4.0 ----------------------------
  • Support for Generalized Grids, regridding possible using the SCRIP regridder (source code provided but not installed)
  • Template Editor, let you resize, drag, drop object on your VCS Canvas
  • Major Overhaul of the VCDAT GUI, with template and graphic methods editors. Various mode of use (variable browsing, computation mode, graphics mode).
  • Page Layout Editor available in VCDAT
  • More projection available (GCTP package), total of 28 new types of projection, each with full parameters control
  • Improved install process
  • New packages: filter, vertical interpolation, IaGraph, f2py, R/Rpy, VTK (Linux only, and not supported), thermo (thermo dynamic diagrams)
  • Full list of Changes available here

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