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What is VCDAT?

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The Visual Climate Data Analysis Tools - (VCDAT)

The Visual Climate Analysis Tools (VCDAT) is the offical Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Climate Data Analysis Tools (CDAT). Pronounced as v-c-dat, it greatly simplifies the use of CDAT and can be used with no knowledge of Python. This GUI is highly recommended for beginners.

Layout of the GUI:
  • VCDAT was designed to be used from left-to-right and top-to-bottom
  • Has on-line help balloons to assist the user in navigating through the interface
  • Users can customize the GUI to their specifications
Program and Command Line GUI:
  • VCDAT script-learning tool translates every button press and keystroke into a Python script file
  • Command line instructions and logs are premitted via the GUI
  • The GUI also allows non-interactive repetition of common tasks
Built-in Climate Analysis Tools:
  • General utility  modules for scientific computing
  • Miscellaneous routines for manipulating variables
  • Numerical computation on multi-dimensional arrays
Visualize and Control Variable Output:
  • Display data in a range of graphical output
  • Anotate and control the visual output
  • Dynamic control of animation output
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