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Getting Started with VCDAT
Getting around in under one hour.
Getting Started with CDAT Scripting
Basics for CDAT Scripting
Advanced CDAT Scripting
Advanced CDMS scripting tutorials.
Xmgrace Tutorials
Tutorials on Xmgrace package
Genutil Tutorials
Tutorials on genutil package.
Training materials from CDAT courses given by Charles Doutriaux (PCMDI) and Ag Stephens (BADC).
Numeric Module Tutorials
Tutorials on Numeric package.
EzTemplate package
The tutorial on how to place multiple plots on one page with an EzTemplate package.
Thermodynamic Diagrams
Show how to produce a Skew-T plot using CDAT's Thermo Package
Adding your own menus and function into VCDAT
tutorial on adding a menu with your own function into VCDAT.
Getting Started with VCDAT Lite
Tutorials on using new features of VCDAT Lite
f2py - Wrapping Fortran Code
This section shows how to wrap fortran code. Starting from the very easy basics to some more complicated case mixing python and fortran
VCS addons
This section describes existing vcsaddons and how to make your own
Polar Plots
Nice example of polar plotting contributed by Jean-Yves Peterschmitt

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