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CDAT 4.0 Features

Major Changes or Bug Fixes
Impact Package Section Change
1 CDAT Website Website is now completely revamped thru plone interface
1 Cdms Axis Time dimension does not generate bounds automatically anymore – use cdms.setAutoBounds('on') -
1 Cdms Curvilinear grids Added conversion routines: rect => curve => generic
1 Cdms Curvilinear grids Added routines to write grids to external files in scrip format
1 Cdms Curvilinear grids Can read grids from scrip remap files
1 Cdms Curvilinear grids CurveGrids can be supplied in the axis list.
1 Cdms Curvilinear grids getMesh returns a transposed mesh grid if requested.
1 Cdms Curvilinear grids MV works with curvilinear grids
1 Cdms Curvilinear grids On reading grids from files, check for cell convexity. Where that fails by default fix cells that straddle the 0 / 2pi boundary.
1 Cdms I/O Trapped seg faults on closed file objects.
1 Cdms
Fixed memory leaks.
1 Doc Tutorials New tutorials
1 Exsrc DODS Now builds by default under Linux, updated to Version 3.4
1 Install CDAT Mac OS X supported
1 Ioapi Contrib Suppor tfor Ioapi, in the build and python module to access it.
1 Vcdat DV A number reflecting selection/operation order appears next to selected variable
1 Vcdat DV Templates and Graphic Method Listbox available (on/off) in Variables and Calculator area
1 Vcdat Editors Graphic Method Editors updated, preview/reset option added
1 Vcdat Editors Template editor accessible from VCDAT (click and drag technology)
1 Vcdat General 4 mode: 1-user defined layout; 2- Browse Variable; 3- Data Manipulation; 4- Graphics Display
1 Vcdat GUI Layout changed, now has mode for plot edititng, letting you copy/paste and edit existing template and method
1 Vcdat Plot Annotation pop-up available, with preview/reset/apply/cancel
1 Vcdat Plot Page Layout Table to control what is displayed on the VCS Canvas, can turn on/off plots with one click
1 Vcs Animations update to handle two or more on a page
1 Vcs Animations Can read from a file
1 Vcs Animations Can save to a file
1 Vcs Curvilinear grids Handled automatically
1 Vcs Projection Added gctp package to vcs, 28 new types of projection avalaible
1 Vcs Templates Template editor by clicking, font editor, projection editor, etc….
Important Changes or Bug Fixes
2 Cdms bounds bounds not generated automatically anymore, except for latitude and longitude dimensions
2 Cdms I/O Added writeScripGrid, readScripGrid can read from a SCRIP mapping file
2 Cdms Libcdms Removed spurious calendar error
2 Cdms Time axis TransientAxis getCalendar returns DefaultCalendar if none specified. This is consistent with FileAxis.getCalendar()
2 contrib Thermo Package added to plot thermodynamic diagrams
2 Doc Tutorials Data can now be anywhere on user's space
2 Genutil Arrayindexing New module, allows array indexing, e.g:C=genutil.arrayindexing.get(A,B)
2 Genutil Filters Added filters module, so far only “running average”, 121 and custom
2 Genutil Statistics fixed a bug in linear regression when trend is 0, probability are not set to missing
2 Genutil Xmgrace xmgrace already up , but can be repiped to form another script
2 Install All Updated external Packages to their latest versions, see README files
2 Install CDAT Cygwin "unofficially" supported
2 Install CDAT Installation GUI added
2 Install Cdms Added --cdms-only option to express_install.
2 Install Cdms Fix CDMS build for FreeBSD
2 Install Exsrc --help option in install_script
2 Install Exsrc --list option added
2 Install Exsrc Now can build indiviudal package or exclude some
2 Vcdat 0D (numbers) if no dimensions are present, then show the single vaule in the Defined Variables window
2 Vcdat 1D plot Overlay applies, use page layout for other types
2 Vcdat DV Different mode of variable selection single/multiple
2 Vcdat GUI most window now have a preview/reset/cancel button
2 Vcdat GUI Remove the 1-Plot, 2-Plot, 3-Plot, 4-Plot per page
2 Vcdat I/O Can read column arranged ascii files
2 Vcdat I/O Save netcdf now has browser to go between directories
2 Vcdat I/O Simple ascii file reader added
2 Vcdat I/O Simple binary file reader added
2 Vcdat Menu New interface to user menu, more robust and intuitive
2 Vcdat Scripting Added limited recordings of the functions (not available on beta)
2 Vcs Boxfill Now can specify levels just like in isofill
2 Vcs Isofill Now has legend otpion (i.e can specifiy where to put values)
2 Vcs Plot new colormap by default
2 Vcs Plot ratio keyword added allows user to set plot aspect ration (for lat/lon plot auto can be passed)
2 Vcs Plot Template can be moved,scaled,movedto a location all at once, instead of each element at once (scale,move,moveto functions)
2 Vcs Scripting vcs2py script added, converts vcs scripts to python
2 Vcs Taylordiagrams Every aspcet of plot controlled via template
2 Vcs Taylordiagrams referencecolor attribute suppressed
2 Vcs
Linewidth option added where line are controlled
2 Vcs
User can click on the plot and get worldcoordinate/index values, and actual value
Significant Changes or Bug Fixes
3 Cdms I/O picker selector, let you pick non contiguous values
3 cdutil times setTimeboundsYearly, setTimeBoundsXHourly,etc added
3 Cdutil Times Yearly and xDaily Time Bounds setting, plus accept either slab or axis
3 Contrib F2py Added F2PY, fortran wrapper
3 Genutil Filters initial package for filtering capabilities
3 Genutil vertical log and linear interpolation now available
3 Install 64bit initial suppor tfor 64bit machines
3 Install exsrc Now can build one package only or not build one specific package with --package-only or --without-package options
3 Install Fortran support for gfortran added into Pyfort and build process
3 Install HDF --HDF= option let user point to HDF libraries
3 Install Scrip Source code distributed but not installed
3 Vcdat DV Fix for the automatic Numeric and MA conversion to MV. The user now has a choice to convert Numeric and MA to MV. That is, the user will need to select the "Automatic Conversion to MV" toggle in the "Preferences" menu to turn this feature on or off
3 Vcdat DV Replacing the eval call for the exec call. Now the user can enter any command
3 Vcdat Plot New tab to control plot annotatinos
3 Vcs plot automatic "nice" labels for time axes
3 Vcs Plot Outline graphic method can now have line width/type/color set
3 Vcs Plot Very High Resolution Continent Files generated via GMT are available on the web
3 Vcs Templates Scaling, now can scale fonts
3 Vcs Text Bg option works
Notable Changes or Bug Fixes
4 Cdms I/O Implemented isClose().
4 Contrib Install Automatically built
4 Exsrc VTK VTK (beta version) added to distrib, not built by default this is experimental
4 Genutil Statistics new argument on most function: max_pct_missing (default=100%), mask out result if pct of missing is > than value
4 Genutil Xmgrace Now can pass arguments at init time, safe mode problem introduced by latest versions of xmgrace fixed
4 Install Ghostscript Now installed in exsrc
4 Vcdat Animations possible to save et reload in vcdat
4 Vcdat General Can define colors using intensiy
4 Vcdat General Predefined Region
4 Vcdat General Retains user settings
4 Vcdat Taylordiagram GUI updated
4 Vcs Primitives Projection accessible
4 Vcs Taylordiagram standard dev added to xaxis
4 Vcs Taylordiagram taylor control the xtic/ytic/cticks
4 Vcs Yxvsx, Xyvsy Auto now works again (no more blank canvas)
4 Vcs
Improved thread support
Good to Know Changes or Bug Fixes
5 Cdms axes toRelativeTime function added
5 Cdms Cdscan Added --filesxml option
5 Cdms Cdscan Added –nofiles, --execfile option
5 Cdms Cdscan Added --notrim-lat option
5 Cdms Curvilinear grids Raise error if nonrectangular grid has no bounds associated
5 Cdms I/O Added gridftp protocol
5 Cdutil Times fixed times.setTimesBoundsMonthly for end of month storage
5 Cdutil Vertical Vertical Interpolation Tools (sigma2pressure)
5 Contrib IaGraph Package of interactive graphing tools. IaGraph will create line plots, scatter plots, and contour plots
5 Contrib udunits Package to deal with units conversions
5 Exsrc R Added R (statistical package) sources to distrib, not built by default
5 Genutil Xmgrace dataset can be swaped, move , copied
5 Genutil Xmgrace safe/nosafe problem solved, version controled before passing the argument
5 Ncml
New Package
5 Scrip
New module, interface to scrip regridder
5 Vcdat DV Icons tools added
5 Vcdat General Keep (or not) Windows in front of main window
5 vcs Canvas geometry can be set before opening/plotting anything
5 Vcs Plot new colormap by default
Minor Changes or Bug Fixes
6 Cdms Axis Align isLatitude, isLongitude test with CF convention
6 Contrib ComparisonStatistics fixed a bug for TimeComponent 18, the seasonal weights used in computing the annual means were slightly off
6 Contrib Rpy Added Rpy package, works if you have R on your system
6 Exsrc Pbm Pbmplus replaced with netpbm on Linux and Mac systems
6 Genutil Statistics Geometric Mean, Median and Rank functions added
6 Genutil xmgrace --nosafe option now recognized for both older and newer version of xmgrace
6 Vcdat 1D plot Fixed multiplier annotation for 1D plots.
6 Vcdat DV Support for chemistry attributes
6 Vcdat General Exit Popup to retain settings (can be turned off)
6 Vcdat Menu Option pull down from main menu was changed to “Preferences”
6 Vcs Animations bug fix for pan and zoom
6 Vcs Templates Ratio options now supported, let user definean y/x ratio or if lat/lon let vcs find a good one
7 Contrib ComparisonStatistics Handles fortran NaN
7 Vcdat Annotations Changed annotation so a blank text field will print nothing in on the Canvas
7 Vcs boxfill/isofill Extension bug fix, if levels set after ext_1
7 Vcs Taylordiagram Taylordiags single precision ok now
8 Cdms Cdscan Fixed bug when file has 'bounds' dimension.
8 Contrib ComparisonStatistics Updated doc
8 Vcs Markers 0 means no marker
8 Vcs Taylordiagram fixed taylordiagrams.script and also listelements('taylordiagram') now works ( returns None)
9 Cdms Drs Fixed the cycle process for DRS files. Must close DRS files before you open them again.
9 Cdutil
Removed Propertied Class dependencies, replaced with standard python (object/property)
9 Contrib Pyfort New version 8.4
9 Vcdat General gui memory limit moved from 64Mb to 256Mb by default
9 Vcdat General User can defined the name of its default template/graphic methods
9 Vcs 1D plots Bug fixes for graphics methods. That is, if the data only has 1 dimensions and 2 or more dimensions are required, then use Yxvsx to plot the data
9 Vcs Printer lanscape/portrait argument bug fix
9 Vcs Taylordiagram Skill drawing, bug fix
9 Vcs
Major changes to the VCS graphics methods
9 Vcs
Fixed attribute settings for missing attributes
10 Cdms I/O Fixed bug in dataset.write when time axis is a float. This shows up with Numeric V23.1
10 Cdms
Added xmllib to ditrib since it'll be abandoned in future python
10 Cdutil VariableMatcher Added comment keyword
10 Genutil
Removed Propertied Class dependencies, replaced with standard python (object/property)
10 Vcs Colormap Added the NCAR Color Map to the initial.attribute file.
10 Vcs Colormap Cleanedup
10 Vcs Templates fixed JYP comments about "inconsistency" on comment#1 of UL1of4 template
10 Vcs
Removed Propertied Class dependencies, replaced with standard python (object/property)
11 Cdms Curvilinear grids auxcoord, gengrid modules
11 Esg
New Package
11 Install CDAT Building GNU tar on older systems...
11 Install CDAT --psql option added

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