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Climate Data Analysis Tools

CDAT is deprecated and is now part of UV-CDAT

CDAT makes use of an open-source, object-oriented, easy-to-learn scripting language (Python) to link together separate software subsystems and packages to form an integrated environment for data analysis. Outside collaborators work independently and contribute on an equal basis with PCMDI.




CDAT's  major subsystems are:

  • cdms - Climate Data Management System (file I/O,  variables, types, metadata, grids)
  • cdutil - Climate Data Specific Utilities (spatial and temporal averages, custom seasons, climatologies)
  • genutil - General Utilities (statistical and other convenience functions)
  • numPy - Numerical Python (large-array numerical operations)
  • vcs - Visualization and Control System  (manages graphical window: picture template, graphical methods, data)


VCDAT is the graphical user interface for CDAT and helps users become familiar with CDAT by translating every button press and keystroke into Python scripts. VCDAT does not require learning Python and the CDAT software.


CDAT is public domain software with unrestricted use. For details, see the license.


    CDAT and VCDAT screenshot  thumbnails.
    Please, click on the image icon to see larger image.

    csir plot overlay projection isolines
    CDAT ESG BADC colormap
    thermo primitives projections isoline


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